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Dynamic map with multiple location from CMS

Hi all,

I have a couple of customers who need to include multiple location on a single map, and I was wondering if there was a solution doing this via Webflow CMS ?

I’ve seen solutions for managing maps for specific location on an individual map for each location, but not having them all on a single Map…
Basically, I need something like a store locator. Does anyone know how to do this ?

You can use Leaflet and open street map like shown by @forresto


Oh yeah, that looks like it could do the trick.
I’ll give it a go and see if this can handle about 170 locations :crazy_face:


170 locations could look a bit messy, so I would recommend you to use Leaflet marker cluster.

If you manage to combine the scripts I’m very interested, since I don’t have a lot of experience with javascripts :wink:

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It is getting messy, especially as all the locations are fairly close to each other.
Clustering would definitely do the trick, but I’m not a developper. So @sag1 @forresto, if you were willing to give this a go and got some spare time, this could potentially be a paid gig… PM me if interested.

I’m not a developer either so I actually raised the question in a seperate post a few days ago.

I really hope someone can help!

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