Dynamic list with links displayed in option field?

Hi All,

For Case Studies (see it as blog posts) I made a collection list. I added “regions” as categories in another collection list and linked it to the Case Studies as a multi-reference field.

So far so good. Now for my CMS Collection Page “regions” template I show all regions as links to “current” region and below I added another collection showing the “case studies” with a filter “show current region”.

Technically this all works fine.

BUT I would like to show my regions link list inside a “option field” so the user can select a region via the option field and not search the list (after a while it will be too big and especially for mobile view it is not handy.

Any help with placing the dynamic link list of the region into a option field? I guess custom code it needed?!

Thanks for your efforts!

Here is my public share link: https://preview.webflow.com/preview/cnylaw?utm_medium=preview_link&utm_source=designer&utm_content=cnylaw&preview=7827e0a6a3457f1e4cde8982081a93bf&pageId=5cf6e06c65fae516e85a2d58&itemId=5cf6e06c65fae528495a2d1a&mode=preview

I don’t think you can pull from another collection into a dropdown. But when you add a reference in the cms it kind of looks like a dropdown with all the options. What you could do is add a dropdown option into your blog posts that has the same content options as your regions. Could be time consuming. You can also export the regions as a csv and export the blog posts as well then add a column for regions and then re import the blog posts with the regions added. Then have it auto create a region dropdown from the data. Just remember before importing to delete all your blog post entries so you don’t have duplicates. I suggest also backing up your site before doing any of this. Hope that makes sense.

Thanks @DFink!

The dropdown is the solution. I somehow was so much into the option field of the form items, that I completely forgot the simple drop down. It works nice. Thanks!