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Dynamic List - Thumbnial Background Cropping

If this doesn’t exist, this should probably go in wish list, but here goes…

I have a dynamic list where the repeatable content thumbnail has a background image. Unfortunately, since it is a dynamic list, the images are all positioned to the “master” design of the thumbnail. This means each thumbnail is cropped differently depending on how the image was taken and to what proportion the thumbnail is being scaled to. I believe this to be my only gripe with dynamic web design.

Specific to my use, being an architectural site and further, showing our portfolio/projects, this means sometimes the building or focal point is cropped out. Is there a way to make a background image auto-scroll within the thumbnail container so that as the viewer looks at the thumbnail list of projects, all of the thumbnails are moving to show them the entire image and not a static cropped image. Not only is it functional, but I think these moving images would add a very dynamic element to the page.

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