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Dynamic List Is Randomly ReArranging Itself

Hey @webflow and @PixelGeek,

My CMS Dynamic list for Desktop viewport / breakpoint is jumping around randomly when resizing the browser window. Issue happens in Chrome, Firefox, and Safari (but decided not to show during the video). I really could use some help trying to fix this issue, since I have no idea what is causing it to occur.

(Don’t worry, this video is UNLISTED) :slight_smile:

My Share Link (The page you are looking for is called “Animation Category Template, and I was on the “Intros” category in the video”):

The published link:

Hi @anonmusic, thanks for the post. I took a look, but I am not seeing the same thing either in the designer:

or on the published site:

A couple of thing to check, make sure your images are all the same dimension and the dynamic list is given a height style, as the dynamic list does not auto-calculate for item height, so if there are items with varying heights, the result will be empty whitespace that causes the rows to be uneven.

I hope this helps

Thanks for the response!

I’ve double-checked your suggestions. I found ONE thumbnail image (Fireworks Titles) that was a different size than all the others on this Intro category. I changed the thumbnail, and it now matches all the others.

I gave the dynamic list a height style too.

However, this issue persists, and is EASILY replicable in 3 browsers on my end (and yes, I’ve reset cache, cleared history in all browsers). It happens on the Desktop viewport, and the Tablet viewport - but not the Mobile viewport (Probably because it is a single column of items on the Mobile viewport).

I notice that Safari seems to work fine for the most part, but on Firefox and Chrome, the issue is instantly seen.

Have you tried re-sizing (click and drag) your browser screen to see if you can replicate the issue on your end?

This has to either be something super simple I overlooked, or it is some kind of bug.

Here’s how I fixed the issue:

I just ripped out the busted dynamic list, and built a new one.

Works great now! haha!

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