Dynamic Form Items Recognized

I need these dynamic list items to recognize the checkboxes in each when they pass the form data so we know who the customer is inquiring about. How would this be possible would it require custom code?

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Help me @samliew I know you know how!! pretty please <3

Can you provide a share link to your project? This should be provided automatically.

Paste this in Page Settings > Footer Code:

Webflow.push(function() {
    $('.editorbookingdyno input:checkbox').each(function() {
        var str = $(this).next().next().text();
        $(this).attr('name', str).attr('data-name', str);

Class name is lowercase. Replace with new code above.

There is no new code this current code does not list the editor names, it gives true and false statements on field 1, field 2, field 3, etc… Is that what it’s supposed to do?

Correct, cannot change true/false value, but we can change the labels.

Updated code above.

@samliew you are too good at this i want your secrets.