During Lottie animation all buttons are unavailable


I made a website with animation on Page Load. Animation is made in a Lottie file. The duration of the Lottie file is about 4 sec. During this time, the user can’t click on any button. Very annoying.

Do you know how to make buttons available during Lottie’s animation?

Here is my public share link: Webflow - Balance Box
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The buttons aren’t clickable while the Lottie is playing because the loader component has a z-index of 999 and it’s not going to Display: None until after the Lottie finishes, so it’s covering up all of your clickable elements. Try setting the Hide action to be after the Move action and have the Lottie action start with the Hide action. This way the element obscuring the buttons is hidden before the Lottie plays so that while the Lottie is playing the buttons can be clicked on.

Thank you @CaitlinRSE. Resolved :slight_smile: