Dropdown with links visible after clicking in the input field

Hello guys,

I would like to create the most basic dropdown list you can imagine: https://dev-to-uploads.s3.amazonaws.com/i/cykucssuq6909qwrgnk1.gif

Unfortunately the Webflow built-in dropdown feature is not supporting this kind of behaviour.

I would like to select the item from the list and after clicking the selected item, it should be visible in the input field of the dropdown and next I should be redirected to the other page. In my case the dropdown menu should be a sub nav redirecting traffic to specific urls and it should be visible on the mobile screens.

How I could achieve this?

Many thanks to all :wink:

hi @Mario_82 redirection after selected option is IMO unusual as it will be confusing for clients (bad UX). The better way IMO will be to have a button for redirect action let client to confirm choice but …

Here is simple example to your way.


Here is an example what I think will be IMO slightly better solution that improves UX.

AsI understand I should use custom code, cause it won’t be possible to create this kind of dropdown in Webflow?

hi @Mario_82 there is maybe way how to combine WF dropdown with custom attributes but it can be very painful. using custom code will be in this case easier.