Dropdown that opens into a form


My name is Ryan and I’m new here and just started learning Webflow with very little web dev experience. I’m working on building a menu that drops down into a form. Ideally the full form would be hidden until the dropdown is selected. Each “Section - Vendor Bar” would hide the form list until a dropdown symbol is pressed.

HERE is my share link. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Also, I’m sure that I’ll need some paid advanced pro assistance with advanced things that I cannot accomplish and would accept any recommendations for that service.

Thanks in advance,

Hey Ryan, I think what you’re wanting here is an accordion;

Each section header can be clicked to hide/show each section.
Here’s an example by Flowbase;

Webflow has some tutorials on how to build this from scratch using interactions, and to get some styling effects as well;

I offer micro-consulting as a service to other devs; where you purchase a few hours of time, and can then just throw questions / problems / requests for solution advice to me as needed. I’ll just use the time needed to answer, which is usually 5 to 15 mins per question, depending. That sounds like the ideal approach to what you’re trying to do.

You can also use that time for small repairs and fixes if you want to invite me into your workspace. For actual design work and feature builds, those generally take more time & planning, so I typically estimate and quote those separately

Thank you for the quick response. The accordion dropdown looks like it could be the answer. The micro-consulting that you offer sounds like a very valuable option for me in the near future. Thanks again!