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Dropdown Menu Up?

Is there any workaround to make de new dropdown menu widget open up?

I am using it on my footer, and it doesn’t look very nice opening up. See example here: (on footer)


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Add custom css in custom code:

<style type="text/css"> 
  .dropdown-list.w--open {margin-top:-240px;}

It will then, however, overlap your paragraph above, so you might need some extra spacing there.

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Thank you, @Diu. it looks perfect now!



I don’t think Webflow included this into their UI did they?

I’m curious how does the code work? Total newb here … like lets say I want only one specific dropdown to go upwards. How does the code choose which one goes up and which stay going down?

Also if I was using this code for something other than the footer section it’d go into the Head Code section of the Custom Code page?

Thanks for any and all help. Sorry for the thread resurrection, just curious.

It would be cool if this was a simple check like “open this dropdown up” or “open this dropdown down (standard)”.