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Dropdown List not showing

Hi guys,

I’m struggling with the dropdown menu on my new webflow page.

Everything shows up normally in the editor (even when opened) but as soon as I enter preview mode the dropdown lists seem to be hidden beind the Navbar Container// only shows in the Navbar itself. I’ve already adjusted the Z-Value which unfortunately didn’t do anything and my overflow is on “visible” as well…

I’ve compared my design settings to those of the template I copied the Navbar from and everything is identical. I’m running out of things to try and would greatlyyyy appreciate some help!


Here is my site Read-Only:


Is this what you are looking for?

Best Regards,
~ Brandon

Yes, exactly! Is it just glitching out in my browser?

Edit: I’ve spotted my mistake… for some reason I have another container inside of the Navbar container and this one had the overflow set to hidden.

Thank you anyways! @WebDev_Brandon

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