Dropdown link directs to 404 page...why

Public link is here. The navigation looks exactly like I want it to but the links in the dropdown point me to the 404 page. For the life of me, I can’t figure out why this is happening as the link points to the full URL.

Hi @Aksaunders, thanks for the read-only link. I see a navbar, but no dropdown widget, are you referring to the links in the navbar dropdown? If so, there is an open issue at the moment which causes links in the mobile menu dropdown view, which point to a 404 page when the mobile link is inside of a Symbol.

The issue only affects to the site in preview mode, not to the published site.

Embedded HTML.

I’m guessing your are referring to your about page ?

it doesn’t appear to be published ?


And when I visit this url - I get a 404.

Your other pages load fine.


EDIT: mobile nav doesn’t work at all. Click it and it does nothing.

@cyberdave @Revolution Thanks for looking at my preview link. The company link which points to my “About” page has a dropdown as in the picture. If you enter in the full URL, http://milprollc.webflow.io/about, the link works as it should. When you click on one of the links in the dropdown though, you are pointed to the 404 page. The mobile navigation does work however I had it hidden. It is now visible.

Hi @Aksaunders, thanks for the update. I think I see the issue. On the home page which is the index page, the links are pointing to sections on another page, the “about” page.

When the site is hosted in Webflow, you can create the link to the about page and section like this:


If you plan to export your site to another server, then you will want to use full paths in the links like this:


The link format for sites hosted outside of Webflow should work on the exported site, but if you plan to use this in Webflow, you will need to update the link address to remove the “.html” part of the link.

we are not seeing the same thing.


This page is 404 missing in action

Hi @Revolution, that is correct.

For a site hosted in Webflow, including the subdomain .io site, these links will not work:


Those links above should work on an exported site

The links below work on a Webflow hosted site:


Does that help to clarify it?


yes. it’s done by object reference.
not by a literal pointer.

still not sure why… what I see is not what @Aksaunders see’s
I get no topbar nav… only the embedded nav on the right side.

i must be doing something wrong.

i can’t provide any assistance if what I see / do is not what op or others see’s :frowning:

I self-host so maybe that’s the difference.

@Aksaunders, is the loading animation at the beginning something you did in Webflow or another external source?

Hi @Revolution, maybe I am a little confused. He is using a jQuery menu, so the embed is not going to run the jQuery code until the page is published.

Are you referring to something else?

I might be wrong - but I think his embedded code is calling the wrong url


He calling:

Instead of:

Hi @Revolution, yes that is correct, he will need to change the links as described above, in order to get that to work on a webflow hosted site.

If he is exporting first, then hosting the site on an external server, then the links he is using should work.

@seank the page loading animation is a jquery plugin called Animsition. It is rather easy to implement too. Add links to the custom code, call the plugin, place your page elements inside a DIV with class “animisition” and add class “animsition-link” to your navigation links.

@cyberdave @Revolution I will export the code and see how it works. I changed the links as instructed for the the Webflow site and it worked perfectly. Thanks.

Where do you find these jquery plugins?

trying googling “jquery plugin”

you might find something like this

This is a particular one I’m working on adapting to webflow.


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