Dropdown inside navbar responsiveness

Hello! My navbar has a dropdown menu which has a hover animation that produces 3 options. It works great on laptop, but now that I’m trying to do the mobile responsiveness, the positioning of the text, button and menu items are not going in the right/nice places. My ‘contact us’ CTA button is also not moving to the right pace despite changing the alignment. I would like to have all text in alignment, and when the user clicks the dropdown menu within the navbar, have it show up neatly beneath that text. Hope this makes sense, please help! <3

*I’m also having an issue where the text changes colour in my navbar. i didnt do this. it’s fine if it was only the current page every time, but not when the homepage turns blue alongside the page i’m actually on. how do i fix this please?

Here is my public share link: Webflow - Dragonfly Awakenings's Fantastic Site

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