Drop Down Help With Some Interactions

Hey! I need some help on the FAQ section of my page. This is on the QuietCool page, not the home page. Those bars are going to be drop downs. I would like for it to collapse the previous question you clicked on when you click on another question. That way all the questions won’t stay open when you are looking at the other questions. Right now the only way it closes is if you click it the second time. I think its probably going to need another interaction but I’m not sure how to do it. Sorry, its a little rough and there will be more drop downs but I haven’t finished styling it till I can figure this problem out.


American Upstarts


If you set it up using an actual dropdown component rather than a div block then it will automatically close when the user clicks outside of the dropdown, therefore closing automatically when someone opens the other question.

Hope this helps, I’ve been trying to do something similar recently and I found this was the best way to do it without using custom code.

Ok, I’ll give it a try!