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Draggable slider, reset video when slided out of view

Hello everybody,

I struggle with this problem for a long time now and I maybe found a solution.

I have a draggable slider using ‘slick slide’. It works great but if I put a video (or lottie animation) in it and I drag it to the next slide the video will continue looping. But I want it to reset when it is out of view.

My knowledge about code is limited, but I have found a possible solution. But I can’t make anything of it. Maybe someone with more coding experience knows how to implement it in Webflow?

Hi Mark,

If you share the ready-only and live link of your site, then maybe I can help you with that.


Hi Muhammad,

Sorry for the late response.

I embed the slider on other pages on my website using iframe. My goal is to embed a slider which is similar to the slider carousel on Instagram.

Thanks in advance!

My read only

The slider won’t work in an unpublished project. So here is the published project.

Published project