Drag Slider to Change Price

I’m trying to create a pricing page that changes the tab based on a slider. Looks like this:

Social Proof Pricing|354x500](upload://hBiR9xQKXBmiYSi6ej6qlf1dD.jpeg)

I have only found 1 Webflow project that was close to what I was looking for, but after actually building this myself successfully, I realized it only looks like it’s changing the plan, when actually it’s only changing which plan is highlighted… this is a big problem.

Inspiration that didn’t work: https://webflow.com/website/pricing-slider?rfsn=1238427.48b8d

So I turn to you Webflow community – essentially this component is 5 tabs with different prices under each. The tab navigation is not by clicking, but rather by moving your mouse over the designated tab which would look like a drag-and-drop slider. Sliding left or right reveals different plans.

Have any of you figured this out?

Austin Distel
CMO, Proof (useproof.com)

Add the design you want (“looks like this” is broken link.

Change price and than add to cart (E-commerce site?)

It looks like you guys figured this out!!! Are you able to share?