Drag and Drop Interface needs to be improved

This happens numerous times where I try to drag and drop elements onto a page only to have it not work. I drag a section to the bottom only to have it not work. I made a Jing video to show it and this always happens especially after you have added other elements to the page and try to add more to the bottom of the page. Smh. This the only thing I hate about Webflow. It is so frustrating. I’d rather drag and drop elements rather than to use the navigator.

Hmm, that definitely looks frustrating - any chance you can include a read-only link for that project so we can reproduce? :pray: Thanks for helping us track it down!

Also, are you seeing the same exact behavior on Safari as well?

Hello, I just saw your message. I only use Chrome. I have redone my site since then. When it happens again. I will post a link. Thanks.

Just in case of, in these situations, you can drag elements from the Add tab directly into the Navigator.

Hello Vincent, I’m able to do that. I just thought the sites were able to be full drag and drop without using navigator. I use the navigator because I see there is no choice at times.

It is doing it again. I’m not able to drag and drop any more sections to this page without using the navigator. The drag and drop functionality with sections is gone.


Hi @bronxbomber

I made a quick video here that should help explain the issue here: https://cl.ly/0r1F2f2f2l1R

Here’s some more info on the Collapsing Margins that I referenced in the video.https://cl.ly/0r1F2f2f2l1R

I hope this helps alleviate some of your frustration and let me know if you have other questions!

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Thank you Brando, I would’ve never figured that out. I appreciate the help. I was getting so frustrated.

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