Donation form code embed not working/being blocked in webflow

Hi all,

I am a code free web developer and need to integrate a donation form web widget for a client who uses a CRM called Donorfy. It has a code web widget but it is not working and something is being blocked within webflow. We hired a Donorfy expert but they can’t get the widget to work in webflow and they don’t understand Webflow so don’t know why/if there is anything that can be done.

This is their explanation of the situation:
There appears to be an issue with the validation script and/or the POST protocol the widget uses. The site returns a 405 error when attempting to POST, which I suspect is being caused by the validation script failing to register, which would normally handle the first step of the POST. That or there is a server misconfiguration not allowing POST methods.

When I copy the same test code to my own test server I do not experience this issue.

In short, there is something about the environment that is not happy running the validation script. Similar issue seems to be raised here without resolution: Form Validation via added jQuery Code

I am hoping there is something that can be changed wthin webflow or some code added that could help here? Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated as I don’t know code so I am lost in how to help my developer sort the issue.

He has said the first thing to rule out is if the installation/server you’re using is configured to deny POST requests, which maybe the reason why we’re seeing 405 errors. Does that help/make sense?

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We have had a similar issue. Would be super keen to get some Webflow experts thoughts on your issue. Thanks!

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