Does anyone know any websites where you can order personalised t-shirts?

Can anyone give me links to websites that will allow you to order personalised clothing (mainly t-shirts but any other clothing websites are suitable)??
source link: is really nice :slight_smile:

I once got a trial package from ‘awesome merch’, the quality of the products was really good so I’d recommend if you’re looking for good quality, not low price :slight_smile:

If you’re looking for someone to do custom shirt design for you, there are lots of freelance designers around this site (and all over your local job boards) who work in different styles. I offer a wide variety of print products, including shirts and other clothing, for all of my art on my site. Click on the “Prints” tab to see my product range. I’m happy to do design work with you to produce a design for print if that’s what you need, but I suspect you have a design already and you want a vendor that will help you turn it into a shirt.

If that’s the case, there are lots of great “print on demand” vendors. I like Printful for general quality, Art of Where for their unique products and fantastic design tool, and Gooten for their wider selection. All three offer “sublimation printing”, which allows you to print your design “all over” the product.

If your designs only cover a small area (a sheet of paper or less), you can get cheaper shirts using Direct To Garment printing (often shortened to “DTG”). These can look pretty good these days, but you’ll want to order tests if you’re planning to print a lot of them, because some shops use older printers that make a washed out look. Many of the vendors above have DTG, but there are tons of other shops that only do DTG. Teelaunch, Printaura and a lot of others in this realm.

If your design only has a few colors, you can also look into embroidery. This gives you a smaller area to work in, and the color selection is pretty limited, but a well stitched pattern looks even better than a nice print, and adds some texture. Several of the above vendors will do Embroidery, but make sure you follow their guides on how to build a proper version of your image for embroidery.