DNS Propagation Complete, website still dead?

Mild panic at work. We’ve transferred our hosting over to Webflow but for some reason the website is still dead despite worldwide DNS propagation.

We’re certain we’ve done everything correctly… Who should I talk to as 123reg are being absolutely pants.

Hi @Martin_DSGNLAB,

Can you take a screenshot of your dns on 123reg and paste it here. SOunds like a DNS issue.

Also, how long ago was this published LIVE?

Cheers Brandon, Image below:

It was published about 3 and a bit hours ago.

Hi @Martin_DSGNLAB

Everything looks correct. Just fyi, depending on your registar, it can take up to 48 hours to publish.

You can reach out to webflow support directly as they are able to look at the backend!

Thank you Brandon, it’s really hard to tell if we’ve done it correctly until we see it.

Our last website went up almost instantly through godaddy…

Hi @Martin_DSGNLAB,

That right there is the difference. I have noticed when using Godaddy or hostgator as the registar is goes up much quicker. However, these not so well known registars can take at times up to the max!

Yeesh… no wonder GoDaddy is so popular.

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