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Div to appear on hover over image starts at the wrong place

I’m doing a website for my own music solo project, but I have a problem getting the hover on the album cover to work correctly. Mine seems to start at the bottom as visible and then move up as I hover on the album cover.
Can’t figure what I’m doing wrong even though I done this over and over now…

I’m doing the hover from this tutorial: [Tutorial] How to design a music player app in Webflow

My project:

Anybody got a clue? I followed the tutorial from the beginning but weirdly it won’t work out for me.

As far as I see, your interaction does the same the example shows… When you hover, the upper layer shows up by sliding up. What’s your problem?


Hm! Strange!

Apparently it works for you, but mine looks like this:

As you’ll see, my overlay div starts beeing visible from underneath the album cover instead of the bottom of the album cover…