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Div Not Centering on Page W/ FireFox

Hey Guys,

So here is the issue. I have an 800X600 div element that I paste a gallery code into. The div fits undernearth the nav perfectly on all browsers except firefox. I have no special ID’s that I know of that is messing this thing up. If you could please take a look at it and let me know your fix or opinion I would GREATLY appreciate it. I have to wrap this project up tonight if all possible.

Live link (use firefox to preview):

Shared File Link:

Thanks for the help guys! Webflow is awesome!

Sean K

From what I can tell everything built in Webflow is working correctly. Firefox seems not to like the “display: table” on the wow-slider div.

hey @AlexN

Thank you for the response. What do you recommend?

I got it to work awhile back. I don’t know how it did now though lol.

This is my cry Wolf Guys… Please I Need help. :smile:

@cyberdave Do you have any ideas on this one?

Hi @seank and @AlexN :slight_smile: I took a quick peek and it seems that @AlexN is right about the Display:Table css property.

It seems this is getting set by the wow slider code at run time, I do not see any embed or styling in the Gallery Div in the designer.

You can try to override this in custom css, add this to your head:

#wowslider-container10 {
  display: block;

@seank, I would check that, republish the site and then let us know :slight_smile: Cheers,

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Dave do I place this code directly into the webflow.css file? Or can this be done via the dashboard in the custom code section?

Thank you both- you guys are life savers.

Hi @seank, it seems you already have some custom styles in your header in the Custom Code tab of site settings. You want to past that between the style tags, but not between some other css style override, it can be put at the end, just before the closing style tag.

Try it out, you can always change it :smile:


Hi Dave. There support came back saying for me to remove line #1457 which reads:

.w-nav-brand {
  position: relative;
  float: left;
  text-decoration: none;
  color: #222222;

They told me to remove the line that says float: left;

When I do that it does center the gallery under the navigation. However when I go to my contact page the branding and the navigation are all smashed close to one another.


Does what they suggested seem correct? I mean the gallery is definitely centering now when looking at the pages on firefox.


Hi @seank, If changing the nav from float left helps the embed, then great. We cannot control what happens in embeds when custom code is being added at runtime, as in the case of this wow slider.

I would perhaps try moving the brand out of the navbar to see if that helps. You may have to do some additional page structure modification.

My suggestion would be to use some columns, make two columns, 4/8, and in the first column, put your brand link, and in the second column, put your navbar.

There might some things that can be done, but that is one thing to try. I will continue to look at this.



Hey Dave, Adding the code suggested did not work. I have also fixed the navigation, so now everything seems to be working just fine. Going forward, with delete the float: left; will I encounter any responsive complications? Or is it ok to be removing that line each time I place one of these WoW Sliders in my site?

I value webflows feedback more than WoW Slider. You guys have been very helpful and for that I am loyal to the software and the team.


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Hi @seank, you will have to check the elements on your pages to see if deleting the float left will have an impact. Usually after any change you should check each viewport and see things are ok :slight_smile:

I would stick with it, If it is working, and you do not want to make some different layouts or design changes. :slight_smile: If you notice an issue, then that can be checked :smile:


Thanks @cyberdave ! you are always very helpful my friend.

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