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Div blocks inside Link block

Hi everyone,

I have a home-page with a bunch of DIV blocks and each block has many other elements inside. I am trying to add a link that would be active in any area of the block. I’ve tried to put a link block with everything inside, but it’s not working. I tried to apply the same class to that link block that I used for the DIV block but it doesn’t work. If I just put the link block on top and the DIV block after, the link doesn’t work for the entire DIV.

Any idea what would be the issue?

Here is my site Read-Only:


Hey Rodrigo,

The way I’ve achieved this in the past was placing the link block inside of each DIV, give it a position:absoluteand set it to 0 on top, bottom, left, and right. Make sure the the parent DIV the link block is in is set to position:relative or absolute to keep the link block contained within it.

Give the link block a higher z-index then the div content and it’ll appear on top of everything inside of the DIV. I would hide the link blocks while you’re still working on the content so you can click through the content. When you’re ready to go live, se the link blocks back to Display: block.

Does this make sense?

Bruh…imo that layout is unnecessarily challenging, to say the least. Why don’t you have the link block as the main div? I’d do it like this >> Link block > flex verticle with the align centred and justified left > add the green coloured text and then add the larger H3 text j-j-job done. Can I get a high five? You have a div block in a div block in another div block with more div blocks. Its a block party :grin:

But if you must have it the way you’ve set up then kinda what Dre said. Parent element Relative and link block Absolute with a z index of 99…thousand. Job done :+1:

Yeah, I tried something similar that worked. Thanks!

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