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Div Block too big!

*My website is a mess so please don’t mind that. What i’m referring to is on the page “new-home-2” *

Hi there. I have a div block with link block inside it. Inside the link block is a word. My problem is that when the site is live, the cursor turns into the click cursor without even touching the text. the div block for some reason has a larger apparent height than the text. The text is 154pt so I assume that’s why the div block is reading that number as the height. But the 154pt text itself does not have a height of 154pt.

The best example of what i’m talking about is seen on the “WORK” word on new-home-2. If you hover your mouse above the word (above meaning y axis), you will see what i mean.

EDIT: please keep in mind i am using a custom cursor that doesnt display hover state in the designer. you will only see what im talking about on my live website


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