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Display parameter passed via URL, not using Form?

This is probably a super basic Newbie question - I want to pass some parameters through the URL. I’ve tried this with Forms in Webflow, no problem.

But does it only work with forms? In the form each form entry has a name that can be referenced. Then some Javascript pulls the parameters from the URL and then pushes those into all the names defined in the form.

However, I don’t need a submission form - I need to display some details sent from my Foxy cart in a table on the page in Webflow.

How do I do this? Is there some way I can just embed the variable on the page and display it? Like you would use $var-name in a shell script?


A simpler way of stating this question is how can I display parameters passed in a URL on a page in Webflow?

No one can give some pointers on how to do this?

Hi, I would contact support directly so they look at it for you. If it’s beyond their scope, I’m sure they’ll point you in the right direction.

You will need to parse the window.location with javascript to get the variable in the url string.

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