Display Default Tab

The Tab element has an odd behavior.
Maybe it’s normal. My client considers it odd.

Sometimes… It seems to remember the last Tab that was opened

  • and it displays the Last Tab as the Default Tab

Sometimes… it doesn’t remember anything

  • and it displays a blank screen instead of the 1st tab or the last selected tab.
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Hi @Revolution,

Do you experience that too or is it just your client ? I don’t think i have ever seen this. I think for me its always the default tab ? :smiley:
Is it on an exported site ?

@zbrah Well… following the route of

  • complaining… then finding out what you did wrong…

It seems… there is a “None” option available for the Tab

  • which is what I selected (without realizing it).

If you select it… no Tab is displayed on start / by default.

I didn’t think this was a useful feature at first…

  • but upon later reflection… I realized…
  • someone may not want to display the default tab on start.

As for the last tab opening… it happens sometimes. Sometimes not.

  • so that may be a local issue.

Exported Site - yes.

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