Disappearing Container & content in our Blog section


I’m not sure how to fix this issue when content disappears when over 1920px. Can someone help?


hi @alex.legaspi you have set layout display: none :man_shrugging:

Hi Stan - thanks for getting back to me. I’ve tried setting it to block, flex & grid but still missing content. Sorry, what am I not doing correctly?

hi @alex.legaspi you have also set clip background to text but your background is transparent. This means that content is there but you can’t see it as is transparent. :woozy_face:

thanks Stan. I resolved the issue by replacing the original container with a new one. i just haven’t published it just yet. Leak Detection & Repair - Reducing Emissions and Lost Product From Oil Wells

yeh it make sense @alex.legaspi as blog page styling was IMO messy.