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Disable interactions in selected querys

Hey you!

Ok, I´ve got a bit of a problem. I´ve got an interaction that I only want enabled in my largest query. Is there any way to tell webflow js that it should only take effect in selected querys?

interaction-name: if screensize saller than 991px, don´t do your thing?

Thanks for the feedback @pior. Currently we don’t have this functionality, but we want to implement it down the road.

I think this is a problem. I am now having an issue with the Mill template. Most of the interactions are based on hover and on touch devices there is no hover so information is not visible. The way it was designed doesn’t allow me to fix this without recreating entire sections of the page.

I think the work around could be duplicating the element. one with interaction and one without.
and Toggle the visibility of each one depending on selected query…but… yea…it kind of sucks…

Hey Sergie,

Any chance this will be implemented soon? I really hate having to copy elements and do the show/hide thing on certain media queries just to disable interactions on touch devices. The inability to hover leaves this the only workaround for hidden hover elements that need to be seen.