Dire help with Ecommerce Product Page not acting like a normal ecommerce page

I’m having trouble with the product page of a product? I cannot make it act like every other ecommerce website. I’m trying to make it so when people click on the “more images” where there is additional photos of the variant product, that it shows as the “main image” that is larger. I’m sure you guys kind’ve understand what I mean, I do not want it to show up as just a lightbox.

Please help as I’m struggling with many other ecommerce limitations and I’m trying to figure this out whether it’s custom code or whatever I have to do. Any guidance is very welcomed!

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Hi Austin! With the lightbox as it stands, you won’t be able to achieve this the way you want without custom code. However, there is a pretty good secondary approach to achieve what you want using interactions. I did some digging and found a tutorial that achieves the result you’d like. Hope this helps! Give it a shot and feel free to let me know if you have any additional questions / issues.

We are getting closer. Thanks Chris. Problem is making elaborate products. She has it so you have to setup every individual image from a single CMS image. Instead of using a multi image approach with multiple variants. I’m doing an E-bike company and I’m very sad that I can’t figure this out because I might lose this client because of this. When there is 10 or more images for 5 or 6 different colors along with different fields like colors, motors, etc. this will be fairly complex.

Do you have any ideas about doing something like this with custom code or references? I’d even pay someone If I could figure things. I’m confused on why this isn’t an option on webflow or explained anywhere. Every e-commerce platform has this integrated from every wordpress builder and shopify etc.

I’m very grateful for your input and response to help me out!

Hi Austin, I’m sorry this has been such a headache. I did some more digging around and stumbled upon this which appears to offer the functionality you’re looking for. It does involve some custom code, so you’ll have to view it on the live site here to get an example of what it does, but I hope this leads you towards a solution. I haven’t tried to implement the solution yet, but I’m happy to try and troubleshoot with you if you have an issues with it.

This is awesome! Let me look into this and see what I can do to implement it and see if it works! Thank you so much