Different Attribute Values at Different Breakpoints?

Hi there webflowers,

Wondering if it is possible to set different values to attributes at different breakpoints. I’ve implemented a table of contents utilizing finsweet’s attributes and want to set different offset values for mobile vs desktop so it accounts for either more or less space taken up by the sticky navbar and TOC.

I’ve gotten it close enough that it is usable, but it’s more of a matter of learning whether it is possible to adjust those attribute values at different breakpoints.

Bonus: if you could help me figure out how to hide the TOC when there is no H2 present

Any help or insight appreciated, thanks! :slight_smile:

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Here’s a live example: Create an account

@Miles_Mitchell - Webflow does not support attribute values per breakpoint so the only way I can think to do this would be with JavaScript. Problem might be that Finsweet’s script is only firing on load and would not be expecting values to change programmatically.

As for hiding an element when another is not in the DOM, you should try reaching out to FS. I have not looked at the attributes-toc sources. I would try them re: your first question as well.

Sounds good, and will do.
Thanks for your insight @webdev!