Did the "open in new window" disappear for CMS URL links for anyone else?

Client just noticed this - always love it when that happens. I had a nice way to use conditional visibility based on whether a CMS article was a simple external link, or to a CMS collection page. If it was an external link, then under the URL link for the button setting it was checked on to “open in new window.”

But, as the client pointed out, this no longer happens. And, as the screenshot below should show, there is no checkmark for it for a URL link. Am I going crazy? I swear there was a checkbox for it and this worked a few weeks ago when I made this work beginning of the month. But, clearly it’s not any more? Oddly, it is there for linking to a collection page, which kind of makes less sense to me.

Screen Shot 2020-05-13 at 2.17.54 PM

How can I bring that functionality back? Do I have to now tell my client to manually add some code to the url to open in a new window when they edit the CMS?

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