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Detect Interaction Triggered Event in Javascript

Hi Webflowers,

I am trying to figure out how to detect an interaction being triggered in jQuery.

All of the reading I have done is around triggering an interaction from javascript, I couldn’t find any information on how to listen for an interaction being triggered.

Can anyone please provide some advice on how I could go about detecting an interaction being triggered?

I haven’t included a preview link as it’s a fairly generic question, but if it’s beneficial I can spin up a site with a basic interaction to assist.


Oh, oh, I’m after an answer as well if anyone has this!? Like, is there a way to call an “if” function through webflow or is it only able to be done thru custom code?

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Hey @ShaquilleCoulter,

Unfortunately, no, there is currently no way to add conditionals (or variables) to interactions.

What are you trying to achieve?