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Detailed Figma image exports causing blurriness on scale up or down. (unless width: auto)

Hey there, having some strange issues with image crispiness for some exported Figma files.

I haven’t run into this before, so I think it’s more to do with the image in Figma, and all the small bitmaps that will not be clear when scaled up OR down.

Even exporting at 2x, 3x, I still have the same issue.

The only way to get full clarity is to have width; auto - which is okay but also gives less flexibility when designing in Webflow.

Having max width; 100% or defining its width (e.g as 1200px) both make the image blurry.

Any help much appreciated!

Edit; it seems some screens don’t show the difference in sharpness - it’s more noticeable on the text svg. I believe it’s to do with details that are less than 1px in detail, so when scaled up they’re looking blurry.

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