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Destination not working - Bestemming werkt niet. Can't use Google Adwords - HELP


My website is online for 2-3 months. Didn’t have any problems with Adwords. Suddenly all my adds are denied because of ‘Destination not working’. I get the message in Dutch, so I’m not sure if this is 100% the correct technical translation.

It sais:
Platform Desktop HTTP-error: 301 Final URL:
Platform iOS HTTP-error: 301 Final URL:

So as far as I know it means that the website is not showing on those platforms?? I contact google for more information, but they refer to the website builder will know what to do. I don’t.
He also gave me this:

URL_NOT_FOLLOWED-NOT_FOLLOWED_LOOP 2020-08-30T09:10:40+00:00
URL_NOT_FOLLOWED-NOT_FOLLOWED_LOOP 2020-08-29T10:47:09+00:00
URL_NOT_FOLLOWED-NOT_FOLLOWED_LOOP 2020-08-28T06:49:30+00:00
URL_NOT_FOLLOWED-NOT_FOLLOWED_LOOP 2020-08-27T22:45:18+00:00
URL_NOT_FOLLOWED-NOT_FOLLOWED_LOOP 2020-08-27T18:48:57+00:00
URL_NOT_FOLLOWED-NOT_FOLLOWED_LOOP 2020-08-27T06:48:39+00:00

which should have been soo so clear…
But I don’t get where I have to search and what happened that this doesn’t work ( and worked before? ).
Can anyone help me on this?

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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