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Desperate request for help regarding Webflow DPA

Hi Webflow users,
In light of the whole EU privacy shield issue right now I am trying to find an answer as to whether I can continue to use Webflow for EU clients.

And just to make this crystal clear, I am not a lawyer, I cannot afford a lawyer to explain this stuff to me, I simply want some advice from other EU creators (perhaps if I am very lucky established professionals who have said lawyers and have asked these same questions). I will not seek legal action against any advice offered in this thread (or any thread on this forum for that matter).

In light of the privacy shield agreement being revoked, Webflow offered an updated Data Processing Agreement which in their words " governs how this data will be processed and protected".

I am trying to understand how this is intended to be used and its effects on me and my clients.

What does this DPA actually mean? It seems to me to be just an explanation of how Webflow processes user data.

As I understand it the owner of the website must sign this DPA.

Does singing this mean Webflow is GDPR compliant?

I appreciate my questions may seem asinine in nature but I have read many responses and cannot seem to find a consistent answer as to whether or not Webflow is GDPR compliant. I cannot put clients of mine into a grey legal area, I need an answer to this before I can continue my business.

What I find most confusing is that there are many EU designers who have simply not commented on the privacy shield issues. Does this mean my concerns over the DPA and GDPR are baseless or are they all operating when they really shouldn’t be?

I feel like I am missing some key information here, it is incredibly confusing and frustrating.

Thanks for any help offered.


I honestly do not understand how I am the only one stressing over this issue, and I do not understand how the EU users can recommend Webflow to clients without understanding the DPA or the legality of Webflow. I guess it will take somebody getting sued before people take it seriously.

But for now, until we have a concrete answer from an authority on this stuff or there is a change to the laws regarding this issue I will hold off on client work. I cannot recommend using software I cannot promise is fully legal to use, I cannot afford legal advice and I have been unable to get an answer on here, facebook, reaching out to forum members or by contacting Webflow customer support. I hope this is sorted soon.

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I have also been trying to find answers to this. As a UK based company I have found I am now having to start looking at using wordpress again for projects. Surely someone from Webflow legal can advise if we are compliant and if the DPA covers us and our clients for data protection. I also have been unable to get confirmation via support, groups or other.


This could be the solution for us who are based in Europe:

I am also looking for confirmation of this. I’m about to start launching the web design potion of my business next week and I absolutely love Webflow. But if I can’t be 100% it is actually legal for me to offer to my clients, I’m going to have to figure something else out until they get it sorted. I am a new, small business and unfortunately just don’t have the budget to hire a lawyer for this, so I’m really hoping there’s a concrete answer soon!

From what I can tell the answer to the question of “if Webflow is 100% gdpr compliant” is… nobody knows. The legal language is notoriously convoluted and anti-human so until we have a large court case where Webflow using company wins or loses we won’t know for sure.

Thanks for the response! Do you know if this is a grey area for Webflow in particular, because of the servers being in the US? Or does it apply to all builders right now because of the wording of the laws are unclear?

Thanks in advance for any clarification. I just came across this issue today and since I’m planning on starting to find clients next week, I’m trying to decide quickly whether to temporarily throw in the towel and start learning a different platform. Webflow is by far my favorite platform hough, if this is an issue no matter where I go then I’ll happily stick with them.

Servers are a large part of the issue, yes. You may want to read a bit here (if you haven’t already) - another topic which was there for two years without any clear resolution.

Thanks! I had not seen that one and learned a lot from it. I appreciate the protections and attention brought by GDPR, but wow it has caused a lot of complexity/a mess. I guess I won’t hold my breath for a swift answer and will keep doing research to see how comfortable in the “grey area” I am.

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Hi Mirela, I think we talked about this on an Italian Webflow forum on Facebook. I signed this one today, as suggested here

BUT I have to tell you that the agreement is not up to date, it still mention the Privacy Shield as guarantee for data protection. Because of this, this document may not have legal value.

Hey @Velea yes we did talk on facebook and I got this link from you. When I signed it the document was dated June 2020 if I remember it correctly. However, it states that it’s our responsibility of the data collected which is a shield for them. The ideal solution would be for Webflow to open a European branch compliant to European regulations and we would be customers to that branch.


Yes, I think w’re all waiting for an official, real solution… :disappointed_relieved: