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Designer UI bug (navigator scrolling)

An easily reproduced (for me at least) bug. No way to scroll back after scrolling to reveal too long div names or too complex structure in the navigator window. Here’s the example Before you say “why don’t you just “expand” again?” - but another use case is changing element name from long to short so no expanding there. Reloading designer helps but… you know, a bug is still a bug :slight_smile:

Not critical but somewhat annoying. Apologies if there were similar reports already.

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Hi @dram

Thanks so much for posting about this — that GIF was very helpful.

I’ve reported this to the team and we are investigating the issue. I’ll post back here as soon as we have a fix for this.

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@dram @moofawsaw

Our team pushed a fix for this issue. You can now expand then collapse the navigator without it being cut off.

Please let me know if this resolves the issue for you :slight_smile:


Yep, no more cut content, thanks!

The related video bug posted above still remains.

Hi @moofawsaw, thanks for reminding, I am checking in to that issue, and will get back to you with an update. Thanks in advance.

Is there an update on this?

The issue still remains.

Um… just so you know the issue is back indeed :frowning:

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