Design Layout issues

Hey Gang,

I’m new to webflow. I’m trying to build my portfolio here and I face 2 problems.

#1 Problem
From my understanding after watching tutorial videos on webflow, 100% vh = fit to your device screen. If I add more content to the section, then I increase the height of the page to fit them. The editor page where I’m able to test the responsiveness of my design seems fine. When I publish the project and open it via my mobile phone, the UI Design seems to be out of place. The desired height was longer than what I expect, leaving a lot of empty space between the different section

#2 Problem
I’m not sure why when viewing it via my mobile phone (iPhone X), the width can be extended out of the intended UI width. Meaning to say, It’s like a scrollable width.

I’ve attached 2 photos to show you as a reference with annotations.

Project link:

I hope I can get an answer to this


Did you get this issue fixed? If not, check to remove “pixel” sizing.