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Design Current List/Category

Hello all

I’m merging my current website from static to CMS based, and having a problem:
I’m using a Dynamic List as a Nav menu for my work categories. All is working fine expect one detail: I can’t find how to format the ‘current category’ state. I’ve seen some paid CMS templates that do this but can’t access the project in Editor so not sure what I’m missing…

Here’s how my menu is working:

And this is what I want:
(that’s MOBILE in BOLD or UNDERLINE, etc…)

Can anyone help me, please? :slightly_smiling:

My temp url:


Hi @abcarvalho

The current state can be formatted/styled for menu links when the link and page/section to which it point appears on the same screen.
F.e., link DIGITAL will have current state when page “digital-work” is opened. So you style menu link “DIGITAL” on its page and it should apply same changes on current state for other menu links.

Let me know if it works for you.


Hello Anna

Thanks for your message.
What I want to stylise is not the top nav menu (DIGITAL | PRINT | etc), but rather the categories menu (which is done based on a “Digital Categories” collection. And the current state doesn’t seem to appear anywhere for dynamic lists… (Btw the link of each of the sub nav items is "Current Digital Category), acting as a filter…

Ok, got it, but it still the same steps.

Link “Mobile App” will have current state on the page “Mobile app” :slight_smile: