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Delete multuple elements at once


how can I delete multiple elements at the same time? I tried holding down shift and control and then select more of them, but it isn’t working.


Hi, there is not mult-selection of elements at the moment, but if you have some elements which are nested into some other element, You can delete the parent element from the Navigator panel, and it will also delete the children elements automatically. Otherwise, if items are on the same level, you have to perform your delete action on each item separately.

I hope that helps, cheerios

But it would be great to be able to shift select elements and change CSS properties for them all at once or delete them :slight_smile:

Yes that is a nice feature to have. We can look into it. Thanks for the inquiry, always good to know what people want to see in the interface. Cheers

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We’ve been wanting to build this feature for a while now, but have run into some snags so we put it on the shelf. Multi-select will definitely be added down the road.

Niceee! Can’t wait for it! You guys all do such fantastic work.