Delay Interaction Start

Is there a way to delay an interaction from starting.

I don’t want to add a “WAIT” in the interaction…

I need the interaction to literally NOT start until a period of time has expired.

I don’t think there is another way other than wait. @Waldo or @PixelGeek are there any other ways?

the only way to do it natively inside of Webflow is to use the “WAIT” step. If you want to hand code it, you might need to do a jQuery queue:

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problem is…
assume you have 5 elements with 5 copies of the same interaction.

The only difference is the 1st step in the interaction… the WAIT.

Interaction 1 has a wait of 100ms… #2 wait is 200ms… #3 wait is 300ms… etc

This works… until you want to loop the interactions.

After a minute or so - all the interactions will be out of sync because of the initial wait.

makes sense. then yea. you’ll probably need jQuery queue code.

then jquery it is. was hoping to make it simple. thx.

@Revolution makes sense. What you would like should be added to the wish list. This would be a great feature since I find myself needing interactions more and more that loop but also have a delay time. :grinning:

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Hey @VLADinSACRAMENTO & @Revolution are you referring to adding an initial delay to an animation, and then letting the rest of the interaction animation loop after that first delay?

@Waldo what I want is to be able to have a delay. And then have no more delay once the first time passes. Meaning in the first step it has a delay. And the second time and so forth [because it loops] not have anymore delays in the beginning once it starts to loop. Hope this makes sense. :wink::smile::grinning::blush:

Yes. I have 5 interactions.

They are all copies of the 1st interaction… the except the first step is a wait with an increase time frame.


Interaction 1
wait 0ms
do 10 steps on element #1

Interaction 2
wait 100ms
do the same 10 steps but on element #2

Interaction 3
wait 200ms
do the same 10 steps but on element #3

etc etc

If I add a wait as Step 1 to each interaction - and loop the interaction…
Interaction #1 will wait 0 ms then process all the steps

  • then immediately restart with no delay

Interaction #2 will wait 100 ms then process all the steps

  • then restart after a 100ms delay - but it now already 100ms delay Interaction #1

Interaction #3 will wait 200 ms then process all the steps

  • then restart after a 200ms delay - but it now already 400ms delay Interaction #1

Every time process the loop… the out of sync gets larger and larger
to the point it actually affects the computer. The interactions will run very slow and be completely mis-timed.

I basically want to do 5 interactions. All exactly the same - except affecting a different element.

AND… have a staged release - so that interaction 1 fires at 0ms… #2 fires at 100ms… #3 fires at 200ms… etc. etc

Then when #2 (and above) restarts… there is no increasing delay involved.

So for the long explanation. The interaction is also affecting my brain :wink:

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