Dedicated IP & Webserver Host w/Webflow

I just moved our site from another host to live on Webflow rather than exporting the code every time I want to make an update.

We can access the site outside of the internal network but anyone working from the office cannot access the site.

Webflow confirmed that the A records are all correct so I’m not pointing to the wrong place. My IT guy also confirmed that our internal pointers to A records are clear. Neither A-host record (we have 2) lands to the webpage, just bounces to unresolved nxdomain.

This all sounds like a different language to me… does Webflow offer an option to have a dedicated IP and webserver host? That’s what my IT guy is telling me we need. Webflow support has said they can’t help us at this point so I’m checking to see if anyone else knows how to fix this.

I fought for Webflow all the way up the chain. It is wonderful and I don’t want to have to go back to Wordpress but I have to have internal access… I’m stuck.

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Nope, they not offer. And won’t ever probrably. Look into to automate your exports :slight_smile: @Jess