Decide on CMS template

Dear all,
I am just a starter. I want to build my own website and I need support in order to understand what type of CMS template do I need.

I will like to open a new business where I will require to book and compare transportation services.

In order to start myself or hire someone else I need first to understand what type of template do I need. For example, word press, drupal or Joomla.

I don’t want to do a mistake since the beginning and choose the wrong template

Thank you,

I’ll use Wordpress as the backend for this, but my answer is biased because I have experience with it.

However you can still use Webflow to design the frontend.

I am biased too :slight_smile: as I use WordPress a lot myself. Of those 3 I would recommend WordPress. A huge community and easy to find good developers to help you with the code for the comparison engine.

Thank you Samliew.

Quick question. if I utilize Wordpress, is it difficult to plug in excel calculations (or spreadsheet) in WordPress? For example, the user will have to enter weight and dimensions of a package in the front end and then the outcome should be several options with prices or quotations. Then the user can decide the option to use. At the end the website should be able to print and track a package as well. So WordPress should be able to do all of this, right?

Thanks, again

Perfect, thanks Philip! This means, inside the Wordpress, I will be able to compare rates (different providers) , like having excel, but showing the user the different options to choose.

Thanks again.

This is not something you can do out of the box in WP. It will take some code but I am not sure exactly what you want/need.

Woocommerce plugin should be able to do what you need

Thank you both for the support.

Samliew… thanks I understood now… your suggestion is to do the front end in the webflow and afterwards “plug in” as a Theme in Wordpress. Like this, I will have my original template and design.

And yes… I will try woocommerce plugin…

Thanks again. I know these are too basic questions, but they do help a lot!

Do note that you cannot re-import your modified code back into Webflow. It’s a one-way export, so make sure the site’s design is solid, comprehensive, and complete before you (or your developer) proceed with WP integration.

is there a woo commerce embed code to use with webflow the same way as shopify? I have an existing client that finds wordpress confusing to use. Also i’m no wordpress expert, should I spend time working with wordpress options too as opposed to going all in on Webflow?