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Deceptive site ahead

My client got a red screen AGAIN. I was busy all day so she had a “programmer” friend look at the “inspect-elements/console” tab on the website. The following was found: "Chrome blocked resource… on this site because this site tends to show ads that interrupt, distract, mislead, or prevent user control.

He advised her to tell me to remove Google Analytics as the “” file was found in the analytics.js files.

Really not sure if or how I could do that. Looking for help here and sorry if this seems cryptic!!

Domain name? Page link?

There is no issue on is called by which came from, which is loaded by which appears to be loaded by this custom code in your site powering your external reviews widget

<script src=""></script>
      locationId: "9a546529-5086-4fd1-84ba-daf928cd72ef",
      perPage: 5,
      layout: "carousel",
      background: "transparent",
      titleHexColor: "51b9c0",
      starHexColor: "fcc415"

so if you remove this code above and republish your site, the doubleclick issue should go away.

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Thank you, samliew. Where would I locate that code and how would I remove it?
I don’t see it in the custom code page.

It’s in an embed block.

Where in WebFlow would I locate this embed block and how to remove it.
My apologies…still lost.

Once you’re done removing it you can request a review using the Google Search Console

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