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Date condition visibility

Hey guys, is there any way to hide or show an element using a date? For example “hide a div after 19/12/2018”

No, it’s always “in the past” “in the future” from today. A lots of things are still missing around dates, their formats and how we can filter depending on exact dates, ranges etc.

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Is there any way to achieve this? I have a class list with a start and end date, I wanna stop showing those classes after they start

You can list classes from today to n days in the future.

Tomorrow, today’s classes won’t be listed anymore.

However, if a class starts at 4PM today, it will continue to be listed until tomorrow.

I use such filters to display cruises schedules on flatscreens TVs (Webflow CMS > Chromecast > TV Screen). As you can see below, this morning’s departures are still listed (it’s 3PM as I post this message)


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Hi @sanshiro.
A little javascript will get you what you need. :slight_smile: I’ve emailed.


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I’m in love with foxy now




what is that javascript please let me know

How to add class in webflow?

Hi @naddesigns.
The javascript we helped @sanshiro with is specific to Foxy. If you’ll be using Foxy as well, let us know and we can help you get things setup.


well, i do exactly what @vincent just told before, hide stuff on the past from a date and that just works fine for the project.

foxy in the other hand just help me a looooooooooot creating the store, they almost do all the configuration for me, just an amazing service there doing just great job like webflow guys…


I keep hearing the same good things about those guys and their service :slight_smile:

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Yes I am using foxy.

Hi @naddesigns.
Thank you for confirming. I just sent you a private message.


yep, everybody here loves josh, freaking rockstar


I really enjoyed. :smiley: :smiley:

ufabet : po

That’s really impressive vincent - i dont have a problem with things showing for the day they are on, so long as they are removed the following day. How did you set that up?

Hi, thanks. I’m not sure what to answer…

I first designed 1920 × 1080 screens, then I am using various hardware devices to show those pages on a TV screen. At that time it was using a Chromecast hooked to the ticket booths computers. This system is still up 3 years later :slight_smile:

I am using this on 2 other websites for the same purpose. But with a little experience from those 3 years I do things differently. I now use a controlled ratio div (bottom padding at 52,6% to keep the HD ratio) and % units for everything including text size. So those screens always stay HD but can scale on any type of screen. For the display, after having tested many Androids PCs (uber crap) and mini PC (I hate them), I have found that LG TVs are using WebOS for their OS and have a crazy crazy good browser that is supporting 100% of Webflow interactions, 3D transforms etc, a real jewel. So just the TV, not other hardware, it connects to the desired pages.

I am also using bits of head code and js to control the refresh of the pages, and to cycle between them (each site has various dashboards/layouts showing a mix schedules, promo, videos).

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Hey @foxy! Any chance you could paste that bad boy here for us all to see? :slight_smile:

foxy in the other hand just help me a lot creating the store, they almost do all the configuration for me, just an amazing service there doing just great job like webflow guys…

Showbox jiofi.local.html tplinklogin
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