Customising template

Sorry I know this is basic - but I cannot customise the text or the images in the Newport template that are in the Hero section. I have tried adding an additional class to the individual images but it also adds the additional class to all of them. I am new to this, so don’t even know what to search to solve the problem, is it that the images are links, or a dynamic list?? I have been trying to figure it out for hours now. Any suggestions will be most welcome! Even tutorials on customising templates would be useful, essentially showing me how to edit what is there rather than building from scratch - although I think that might actually be easier. PLEASE help.

Are you able to share your preview link so we can take a look?


Matt - Sorry is that when I create the site and I select public or private? Or just the link that I am working on? I have really messed it up now though, I think I just need to scrap it and try again.

If you click onto your site settings, click share and post the preview link.

Everything is fixable don’t worry! :slight_smile:


Ok - I think this is it then