Custom Tag Attributes

Is it possible to add custom tag elements to a tag? An example would be: <div data="lol"></div> but support for far more than just data is important to our use case. Currently we can export sites and add it all then, which helps with initial designs, but breaks the idea of continued development and versions in Webflow.

PS: Fantastic platform, really looking forward to features like plugins and mobile navigation. :slight_smile:

Totally Cody. Where do you think would be a good place to add this kind of functionality? At the bottom of the settings panel for every element?

We can have it so that you can click a ( + ) and add a custom tag, and then add a custom property. And you’d be able to add multiple tags per element.

What do you think about that? Do you have any other ideas?


This is exactly what I’m missing most in Webflow right now. It’s a lot of work to add bindings from libraries like KnockoutJS or Angular. It would be great if I could iterate on my design without time consuming post-processing after export.

I think it’s a good place. Other attributes like href and id are already there.


That would actually be perfect sir, the same place I went to originally expecting it. :100:

I understand how beta software, and agile development period, goes but is there any kind of eta on this feature?

Having a type of key value entry would be ideal. Two simple inputs in that section with an add button if needed. Whatever is in the left hand (or key) becomes key= and what’s in the right becomes “value”; key=“value” for that element. It would be even better if we could add multiple key-value pairs. :smile:

Hey guys,

It’s good to see there is some hard core developpers over here :slight_smile: I’m at the same point. I need to be able to put some custom tag and edit the HTML basic code.

This is a show stopper for quick iteration … So at this very moment I have to file capare a lot :-/
Plus the fact the I’m managing 2 languages …


Cheers from Montréal

Cool guys, I’m planning on designing this soon. I’ll relay back with progress and feedback.


Hey guys, what do you think about this implementation?

Let me know what you think!


@Cody @wczerniak @devmtl We just pushed a beta version of this functionality - would love your help in testing it out! When you have a selected element, you can go to the Settings panel (shortcut: D) and add new attributes in the ‘Custom Attributes’ section. Would love your feedback.

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I just ran up against a need for data elements, did a quick forum search and found this topic. Checked and it’s in, who-hoo!

This will be my first time using data elements, so I can’t tell for certain whether what you’ve implemented will do what I need or not, but it sure looks like it.

Webflow is enabling me to grow a lot in my css chops, by adding a GUI to concepts that I knew about, but was just too busy to spend a lot of time coding up since my first job is not writing code. And this is about the third or fourth time that just as I grew into an understanding that I needed something, I’ve found that you either just put it in or were just about to. Keep up the breakneck pace, this is awesome!


I wonder if the topic of custom tags is still alive?
For example, I need to hide a part of the page from Yandex search engine with [noindex]text[/noindex].
Is there a way to finagle this in Webflow?