Custom staging domain support

Enterprise customers and Enterprise Partners can use a custom domain as their Webflow site’s staging domain rather than the subdomain.

With this update you’ll be able to use one consistent domain (your domain!) for staging to keep things simple and secure.

To add a custom domain for staging, go to your Site Settings → Publishing tab → under the Staging section, you can add a custom domain by selecting Use a custom domain.

Highlight of the "Use a custom domain" option in the Webflow dashboard

Once you’ve added your custom domain, when you go to publish your site to staging you’ll see in the Publishing Workflow your new custom domain option as the default staging domain.

A preview of the publishing workflow when you have a custom domain. Image highlights that publishing to staging is now on a custom domain.

For more details on how to start using this today, check out our Webflow University lesson. To learn more about how to get access to custom staging domains or private staging, get in touch with our sales team.