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Custom social embed not working like in article


I am following this tutorial:

When i directly copy the code shown in the article I am getting errors like so:

Anyone know what might be going wrong?


To begin with, that component often return warnings that you can ignore. But in this case, you have to replace with and url of a dynamic field containing an URL, and by a text. More specifically, you can let characters like <or >in the code when they’re used for anything else than an HTML tag (like <a>for example)

So start by replacing <URL> and <TEXT>by a working URL and a text to see if it works, make sure not to let the brackets.

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Thanks again @vincent

Cool, will ignore some of the errors. I’ve got the URLS etc working with the cms thing like so:


The only issue I am having now is if i add the onclick open window code within the article then it kills my class:


Thanks for your help as always bud! :slight_smile:

I don’t understand all the red warnings… maybe try to put the code inline back, with no paragraph return.

I’m not super skilled with the onClick attributes and what it’s supposed to do. Maybe you’ll be lucky if @AlexN sees that and has a minute to PM you to help ;p

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Thanks @vincent - Will wait for @AlexN then :slight_smile:

Hi! Could you send me you’re read only link?

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