Custom slider with tabs and side slides previews

Hi everyone,

I’ve got a very tricky layout – it’s a kind of mix of Tabs and Slider.

I’ve used Tabs but it couldn’t show next/previous tab item preview.
When I use Slider I can’t do sliding on click to next/previous slide preview.

Does somebody know how to fix it?
Any advice on this subject would be very welcome.

Here is my site Read-Only:

Hi Nikita, I have the same problem! Do you have found a solution for this?

Hey Pedro, actually I don’t completely remember how did I fix that.

Probably I just created a tab with 3 items at each tab container. The “inactive” cards (on the left and on the right sides) were set just as a placeholders. In any case a visitor should use tab-nav to slide it. So no magic as you can see, but I’m pretty sure we should look for solution in java script.

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Thanks Nikita_Vyutnov!

I solved my problem with your tips!!!