Custom Scrollbar with advance control

I want to create a custom scrollbar similar to

Where they designed the custom scrollbar but if you stay in position a little bit long scrollbar will hide. Only scrolling time it will come into the picture.

Please help me and let me because I’m kind of stuck

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hi @realsamrat you can modify scrollbar with CSS and on internet is many articles that explain how to here is one example but feel free to use your favourite browser an try search for keywords “custom scrollbar”

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Thanks a lot stan I will try it out and get back here if it is working properly without getting any issues

Hi @realsamrat I believe you will make it work as it is just very few lines of CSS.

@realsamrat @Stan

After talking to to Samrat privately, I have managed to implement a custom scrollbar, which looks like the one on I’m sharing this for anyone else interested.

This obviously works with custom code. Visit the live site to see the scrollbar working.

Read-only link

Published site

Overlay Scrollbars Documentation

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Really helpful for me and i think it would be useful for you too

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