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Custom Preload Issues

I would really appreciate it if someone could help me figure out why my custom preload doesn’t work when published, but does work on the webflow designer.

Thanks in advance

What are you preloading?

Just trying to make a loading page to land on when you first get to the website, before you enter it. It works on Webflow designer in preview, but doesn’t work when published?

It has to do with your animation on the Preloader Wrapper. Change the animation to this:

When Page Starts Loading:

Hide/Show block: set preloader wrapper to hidden and hit the initial state switch.
Hide/Show block: Set preloader wrapper to visible.

When Page Finishes loading:

Move block: Move Preloader Wrapper 100vw on the X axis to make it slide out. I’m pretty sure you have this already made called “post load” but it needs to go a bit further to fully disappear.

Sorry I just saw the notification, you’ve probably figured it out now.

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